Crafty Horse Clothing Co is a vehicle that shares the inspiration of horses with heart; intelligence, persistence, determination, and teamwork.  Always get better!

In 2014, the Miller family was re-introduced to the love of horses through their daughter Sadie, then 10 years old.  With 6 months of lessons under her belt, she rode a leased horse named Max in her first barrel exhibition.  Max was a retired champion of sorts, patient, loving, and a little bit lazy- perfect for a 10-year-old with little time in the saddle.  When he came alive at the race and that feeling of exhilaration hit Sadie, the spark was ignited, and the search for a “first horse” began!

Crafty Horse Clothing Co. is named for that first horse.   What a great first horse he is.  Crafty’s Last Chapter, “Kite”, has taught Sadie how to ride with respect, how to communicate, the importance of trust, the desire to improve, and how to deal with success and understand that momentary failures are opportunities.   The Core Values of Crafty Horse Clothing Company are based on these lessons from a special horse.

As skill has developed, and the Miller’s love for horses has grown, there are more great horses in the stable.  One of which is a horse with a history of neglect, rescue, and return from the brink of death to carry another, then Sadie, to state championship races.  There will be many more loves to come, but Kite will always be the first love.


Crafty Horse Clothing Company’s Mission:

Crafty Horse desires to share the love and spirit of the first horse is shared with the world while giving back to animals that have given us so much.  Ten percent of sale proceeds are returned to the horse via horse rescue organizations. 

Core Values: